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From airplane rentals, to aircraft maintenance and aircraft sales support for single or multi-engine piston, turbo prop and jet aircraft, we do it all. 

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“Throughout my career, I have flown thousands of hours on different airplanes and met many different people.  I feel very fortunate to find Baymark, Mark and Art. In fact, I wish I’d met them 25 years ago when I first bought my plane.  


Art is a superb mechanic, but he is also humble. He does not present himself as a big shot, but he really is a big shot. He is very knowledgeable about airplanes.


I was having trouble with my landing gear, and took my plane to several mechanics in Santa Monica. Nobody had the faintest idea what was wrong. It took Art less than 30 minutes to diagnose that a single switch needed changed.


Everything Baymark does, they do with the same love and compassion as if they were working on their own airplane.”


Dr. Appelo Gilani

Surgeon, pilot since 1974


“I will never take my Mooney anywhere else but Baymark Aviation!”

Scott J. Horowitz


“The owner, Mark Bayne, does his best to give his clients what they want.


Baymark Aviation is not just a place for pilots and airplane owners, it is a place for anyone who has an open mind for aviation.”​

Ken Villanueva


“After owning several airplanes and dealing with aircraft mechanics, I finally came across Baymark Aviation when I brought my Skylane 182 for repairs.


Immediately after talking with Mark, the owner, about the issues I was facing on my airplane, I knew I was talking to a very reasonable person. I then met Art, the shop manager. He quickly diagnosed my aircraft issues and quoted me a very reasonable price.


Best of all, his team began working on my plane immediately.


They have a very knowledgeable crew who has saved me thousands of dollars on repairs. They work quickly to complete the job and do excellent work.  


I now take my airplane to Baymark for my annual inspection every year.


I only wish I would have found them sooner, so I could have saved myself a lot of money and headaches.”​



“Baymark Aviation is awesome! I love renting planes here.


The aircraft are always clean and in tip top shape since they are an aircraft maintenance center. I’ve been flying here for over a year and have had zero problems.


Baymark offers online scheduling, which helps me to see which aircraft are available when.


The owner, Mark, is a very professional down to earth guy who knows his stuff. His assistant Veronika is super sweet and so very helpful! I love the crowd that this business has attracted. All different types of students and instructors who are passionate about aviation come here for flight lessons. Even when I’m not flying it’s always a pleasure to swing by and say hi.


I’ve flown their Cessna 152 and 172 aircraft. The 152 is inexpensive, but does not feel cheap in quality. It offers a nicely equipped IFR or VFR training platform and is peppy.


My favorite airplane is 4BF, the newly painted Cessna 172 with a new leather interior, new HSI and new Garmin 530 GPS. This is the plane I flew to complete my solo cross country flight in and the plane I plan to complete my private certificate in.

Amy Le Vay-Lilavois

Student Pilot

“I love Baymark Aviation airplanes and customer service. Can’t get any better!”​

Carlos Tobar


“At Baymark, not only are aircraft well maintained, but customers like myself are treated like family.”



Ethan Cabrera.jpg

“I have been using Baymark Aviation for my maintenance needs for three years and I am always pleased with their quality and speed of work for the price.


The team at Baymark has been there for my own routine and emergency aircraft maintenance needs, as well as for many of my closest aviation peers.


I highly recommend Baymark to anyone searching for a reliable maintenance facility, whether you have a jet prop; single or multi-engine aircraft, or even an experimental plane.


These guys have you covered.”​

Torrey Ward


“Mark and Art at Baymark Aviation run a fantastic operation.


They provide not only flight training and maintenance, but something that has been long missing at Van Nuys Airport: a place for people to build an airport community.


If you are looking for someplace to not only fly or maintain general aviation, but also make great friends, then this is your place.”


Eric Zine


“Baymark Aviation is a shining example of all that has made Van Nuys Airport the place you see and feel in Brian Terwilliger’s legendary film “One Six Right,” and this is exactly how I would describe Baymark’s approach to service, maintenance, and aircraft support… legendary.


I first came to Baymark about one year ago, after having owned my airplane for a year.


The Liberty is an uncommon and at first somewhat challenging technically advanced aircraft because of its FADEC engine management systems and composite airframe. I’d been searching for a top notch A&P mechanic willing to learn its unique systems, and help me tailor the aircraft to my needs and wishes.


Most mechanics scratched their heads, offered to do the easy stuff, and recommended I call the Florida based manufacturer for everything else.


Little did I know, the best people for the job were just 100  yards from my hangar, right here at VNY.


Vastly knowledgeable Art and his team of very friendly, hard working, incredibly sharp mechanics, Anita, Cristian, Rene, Rey, and Sy, were willing to read all the documentation, spend time with the airplane, and come to know it well.


They are never reluctant to dive into the details, work with regulations, and achieve my desired results to the highest of standards. I am always welcome to come and see things up close, ask questions, and provide feedback.


In the front office, Mark, Carolina, and Anita welcome me to come in, sit down, ask questions, discuss options, exchange ideas, and just do a little hangar flying with the pilots and airport regulars that quickly become family there. I often find myself stopping by just to say hello, listen to stories, or learn something new.


For me, the Baymark family continues to be a huge part of all that is great about general aviation.”

Michael Klenner


“The people at Baymark are conscientious and very thorough.   


So far I have had two of my planes serviced and annual reviewed by the team and have been very happy with their services. 


Also how many shops do you know where the mechanic shows up wearing 5 inch heels?”



“I have been using Baymark Aviation exclusively ever since I purchased my Cessna 172. 


Their staff is very warm, pleasant and attentive, they take very good care of me and my airplane.


I would recommend using Baymark to anyone’s service needs.​

Gilbert Rousseau


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