Exxon Elite™ 20W-50 is a multigrade oil with the flexibility to lubricate effectively over a wider range of temperatures than monograde oils. Compared to a monograde oil, a multigrade oil provides better cold-start protection and a stronger lubricant film at typical operating temperatures. Other benefits include lower oil consumption and better fuel economy as a multigrade oil, Exxon Elite™ 20W-50 has all these advantages. *Meets SAE J1899 *Meets MIL-L-22851D (obsolete) *U.S. military approved *Contains the anti-wear/anti-scuffing additive required by some Lycoming engines *FAA approved fluid for Alternative Method of compliance with AD-80-04-03-R2, paragraph b.1 *Compatible with all commercial aviation piston-engine oils

Exxon Elite 20W-50