Want more freedom when you are flying?

Earn your instrument rating

Instrument Rating makes flying less restrictive, especially on those foggy mornings. 


When you operate under IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) you can fly in the clouds without reference to the ground or horizon.


The Instrument Rating not only gives you the ability to fly in and out of clouds, but makes you a safer, more confident, and efficient pilot.

Cessna instrument cockpit

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Instrument Rating Requirements

Explore more freely. Feel less restricted. Be more confident.

Landing aircraft Van Nuys Airport

Be at least 17 years of age (16 to solo aircraft)

Be able to read, speak, and understand the English language

Obtain at least a current third-class medical certificate

Receive and log ground training from an authorized instructor or

complete a home-study course

Pass a knowledge test with a score no less than 70%

Pass an Oral test as well as a Practical test

Accumulate at least the minimum flight experience as per FAR §61.65