Private Aircraft

Selling your aircraft?

We've aviation experts. Let us do the hard work for you.

We can help you find the perfect airplane.

We consider it our duty to ensure you get the highest possible value for your investment every time.

We pride ourselves on knowing where to find aircraft, what drives aircraft value, and how to properly evaluate an airplane based both on visual and functional attributes.

Need help finding a specific aircraft?

We specialize in helping customers locate single or multi-engine piston, turbo prop and jet aircraft for sale. 


Whether you are looking to locate a Beechcraft aircraft or Cessna for sale, a new or used King Air, Gulfstream or even a Citation or Sabreliner, our team has the experience, integrity and skills to help you source, negotiate and buy effectively.

Pre-buy inspections include written reports.

You’ll get a written report outlining all of our findings.


We’ll work with you to determine how well the aircraft matches your requirements. You'll also receive a cost estimate based on what your airplane's future maintenance will entail.


We can make most discrepancy  [what does this mean?] repairs in-house should repairs be needed prior to purchase.​

Looking for an aircraft pre-buy inspection?

You’ve found an aircraft and need to know its value. 


We use our deep aircraft expertise and industry knowledge to offer aircraft pre-buy inspection services to help you both source aircraft for sale and evaluate the aircraft airworthiness and value, then use that information to negotiate the best deal.


What we do:


  • Exterior

  • Interiors

  • Avionics

  • Equipment

  • Inspection history, maintenance records and log books

  • Ground and flight performance check (owner permitting)


Let us bring our expertise to help you find the right plane and negotiate the best deal on your behalf.


Email us for a quote on these services.


Buying a new aircraft?

Looking for a new airplane? Let us help you find the perfect fit!